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New Acoustic Design of Dorock XL Beşiktaş made by HK ! Pb Müzik Ltd. Gururla Sunar: Yeni Akustik Tasarımımız! Dorock XL Beşiktaş Roooockksss!!!!

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New Hakan Kursun Short Film Test Productions / Videos Are Out:

District Eminönü – Pearl Bracelet Albümünden

District Fındıklı – Pearl Bracelet Albümünden

Emirgan To The Center 2 – Youtube Release

Emirgan To The Center 1 – Youtube release

Abaküs ve Batıl İnançlar – Youtube Release

New release: Çiğdem Borucu – Silver Moon

Please read the article: Click Here ! Touching Extremes by Massimo Ricci

“Silver Moon is like a long, mysterious journey through time and technology. A diatonic, tonal opening, alluding to both minimalism and to music of the past, is followed by ten tracks of deeply personal and expressive electroacoustic music. What a powerful and moving experience it is to hear Silver Moon” Noah Creshevsky

Pb Müzik Proudly Presents – New Release! Silver Moon is composer/pianist and sound designer Cigdem Borucu’s debut album. It begins with seven piano tracks. They are diatonic and have tonal openings with significant references to the music of the past. The compositions were inspired by silent films shot during the Late Ottoman era of the 1890s. From track 8, electro-acoustic works can be heard. They have been composed for various film and theater projects.

The album is available on all major music services, CD release TR 01.11.2018!

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Proud to announce that we made it to the Downbeat web site main page for 24 hours!!! Yeahhhh!!!

First recording from our region featured on the main page of Downbeat !!!!

Istanbul-based drummer Selim Selçuk released his first recording. The two-volume Miles Kuçles (pbmüzik) is a sprawling collection of densely packed jazz that freely floats between electric and acoustic, rock and Turkish folk elements, modern and avant-garde jazz, played by a quartet of Turkish and American musicians. Downbeat – Mike West 09.2018 

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Nr.1 TR Most selling CD charts summer 2018 mastered by HK 

Track with HAYKO CEPKİN Produced and co arranged by HK 

Cover album of legendary singer songwriter Nazan Öncel featuring Turkish Mega Stars!

Mastered by Hakan Kursun / Pb Müzik! Nr.1 CD Sales Charts TR 09.2018

Arrangement: Bırak Seveyim Rahat Edeyim by Hakan Kurşun and Hayko Cepkin.

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New single featured on the Apple Music Jazz Page!!!  

New single “What are you doing the rest of your life”
Vocals and Bendir: Ceren Türkmenoglu
Guitars, Bass, Percussion and Arrangement: Hakan Kursun

This piece is the first piece Ceren and Hakan worked on together, before they actually formed a duo, which led them to collaborate further and create their originals. What are you doing the rest of your life, lyrics by Marilyn-Alan Bergman and music by Michel Legrand, is one of Ceren’s favourite tunes, which is why the duo decided to make a cover of this song. The recording of the piece is done in Boston and Istanbul, and brought together by exchanging files over the internet.

It is listed at the Apple Music Jazz Recent Bestsellers Chart at position 5 and the Jazz Hot Tracks charts at position 2.

The song is licensed via Allstars Music Publishing TR and Sony ATV!

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Intercontinetal Express Modern Music Duo

Gibraltar : New video by Intercontinental Express !


Nr.1 Most selling CD TR Spring 2018  Nazan Öncel Durum Şarkıları – Executive Producer HK 

“Durum Şarkıları “New album of legendary singer songwriter Nazan Öncel. Executive Album Producer Hakan Kurşun. 11 tracks Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Hakan Kurşun. 9 Tracks arrangement by Hakan Kurşun. Complete album mastered by Hakan Kurşun.

NR1 CD Sales Charts TR 

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Release of legendary guitar player Ercüment Ateş first album. Produced by Volkan Öktem, Eylem Pelit and Hakan Kursun. 

Butterfly Effect

New release ! Cover of Butterfly Effect. First solo album of guitar player Ercüment Ateş. Featuring Volkan Öktem on drums and Eylem Pelit on Bass.

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New Acoustic Project !!! Hurriyet Media Center. Cantine, Executive Meeting Rooms, Conference Saloon, Web Voice Over Studio

Extraordinary Cantine Acoustics!!! Creme de la Creme !

Super Yemekhane / Kantin akustiği by HK

Süper Yemekhane Akustiği by HK


New Music Project

Modern Music Duo

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Reflections of music

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Modern Acoustic Relaxing Music

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YENİ YAYINIMIZ!!!! Hüsrev Hatemi Girdap Her Yerde

Zaman Yolculuğuna Hazır mısınız?

Müzikli Şiirler. 28 Bölüm. Hüsrev Hatemi, Hakan Kurşun Piyano & Guitar, Ceren Turkmenoglu Violin

Release of a wonderful album. “I think it’s one of the best Jazz material and recording ever made in our region”

Composed by : Selim Selçuk

Piano: Ali Perret

Bass : Matthew Hall

Saxophone: Meriç Demirkol

Produced and mixed by HK

Selim Selçuk Miles Kuçles [2018]


Release of Tersyüz. Great recording and composition of jazz guitarist Bora Çeliker 

Guitar: Bora Çeliker

Saxophone :Andy Middleton

Piano: Burak Bedikjan

Bass: Johannes Strasser

Drumms : Jorris Dudli

click here for his Bora Çeliker web

Ters Yüz [2018]

New Turnkey Studio Project System Design & Acoustics : T.C. Yeditepe University Istanbul Faculty of Fine Arts



Hakan Kursun Personal Release KUARK !!!


Hakan Kurşun

3. Album of musician Hakan Kursun.

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Kuark [2016]


Sleeping Music - How slow can we perform.

Pearl Bracelet Modern Music – Describing Districts

Deep relaxing slow music! Introduction of a sleeping music research. Enjoy!


Geeva Album Artwork

Geeva Flava

Geeva Flava [2016]



Kaptan Levent

City & Life [2016]



İmre Hadi

Buralar Hep Dutluktu [2016]


Yedi Uyuyanlar - Ön Kapak

Eylem Pelit

Yedi Uyuyanlar [2015]



Gül Çağan

Gölgesinden Belleğin [2014]


New Acoustic Consulting Project: Amplified Music Hall VW Arena! Together with Peutz NL. One of the best Amplified Music Halls made yet!

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New Jazz Release:


Ateş Tezer Trio

Sahil [2008]


Sabih Cangil - İçimizdeki Pervaneler

Sabih Cangil

İçimizdeki Pervaneler [2006]



Ezgi Saydam

Kadın Aşlı ve Hayatı & Frauenliebe und Leben [2006]


Tiktak - Albüm Kapak Resmi


Şimdiyi Şimdi Geçiyor [2005]



Hüsrev Hatemi

Karakavak [2003]



Legendary album Hakan Kursun including the compositions Kar Yağdı, Boşu Boşuna and Dönüp Duruyoruz!


Hakan Kurşun

Kütle [2003]



Akın Eldes

Kafi [2002]



KAOS is the debut album of Multi- Instrumentalist Hakan Kurşun. All instruments performed by HK. The album is quoted as a milestone, timeless music in the Turkish underground music scene. The track Boğazın Üstünde was listed at the must listen charts of several magazines.



Kaos [1996]


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 Selim Selçuk [Miles Kuçles]

 Bora Çeliker [Ters Yüz]

itunes-1234 İmre Hadi [Buralar Hep Dutluktu]

itunes-1234 Hakan Kurşun [Kuark]

itunes-1234 Geeva Flava [Geeva Flava]

itunes-1234 Kaptan Levent [City & Life]

itunes-1234 Eylem Pelit [Yedi Uyuyanlar]

itunes-1234 Gül Çağan [Gölgesinden Belleğin]

itunes-1234 Ateş Tezer Trio [Sahil]

itunes-1234 Sabih Cangil [İçimizdeki Pervaneler]

 Ezgi Saydam [Kadın Aşlı ve Hayatı & Frauenliebe und Leben]

itunes-1234 Hakan Kurşun [Kütle]

itunes-1234 Akın Eldes [Kafi]

itunes-1234 Hakan Kurşun [Kaos]